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It is used to prevent diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), gastritis, and other serious diseases, such as cancer. The raw potatoes are well known for centuries in the folk medicine, because there were remarkable benefits from them.

But maybe some people consider that they shouldn’t be consumed raw. They are very wrong, because raw potatoes are very healthy and useful food. Before consumption, you need to peel the potatoes.

The sprouts in the green skin of the immature potatoes can be very dangerous. It is considered that there is a poison in the green parts of the potatoes, known as Solana, but still, it is very easy to remove the shell before use.

The effects of the potato juice have been examined for years and a lot of medical experts have written articles about it. Some of them are John Lesindzer and Dr. John Tucakov.

For treating gastritis, according to John Lesindzer, potato juice is the best natural remedy. Gastritis is one of the most common diseases of the modern age. So, for treating it, Lesindzer recommends 1 tablespoon of the home made remedy, mixed with some water. The juice should be consumed half an hour before taking your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Lesindzer also recommends taking

½ deciliter of potato juice on an empty stomach and ½ deciliter half an hour before lunch or dinner, for treating duodenal and stomach issues.

A professor from the Medicine University of Akita, Japan, Dr. Kagamine, made a study in which he managed to isolate the substance of raw potatoes. According to that study, raw potatoes are useful for preventing tumor cells growing in mice. This important discovery and its results have been published in IC (International Congress) for the fight against cancer, held in Germany.

Today, raw potatoes have a big importance in the world, as an effective tool in the fight against rheumatism, lumbago, hypertension (high blood pressure), heart disease, and diseases of the liver and kidneys. Before everything else, potato juice can be also useful and excellent way for natural boost of the immune system.

Drink this kind of juice if you fell exhausted or debilitated. You can also consume apple and carrot juice in the morning or evening. In just two weeks you will see the improvements and you will feel much better and your health condition will be significantly improved.

Some benefits of raw potatoes:
– helps with gastritis and other stomach issues;
– lowers blood sugar;
– aids in liver and kidney aliments;
– protects against cardiovascular disease;
– shell potato stimulates the detoxification of the body and it is an excellent source of many nutrients;
– boosts immunity;
– cleanses the body of toxins;
– treat skin diseases;
– fight cancer.

As it is mentioned before, the potato shell can stimulate the detoxification process and can remove the detrimental chemicals accumulated in our body. It is also an excellent source of vital nutrients. The potato shell consists of iron, magnesium, zinc, protein, potassium, plenty of carbohydrates, vitamin B6, and vitamin C. But, during its cooking, the potato loses its vitamin C content and there is 27mg of vitamin C in one medium sized raw potato. In that way we lose 45% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C.

Potatoes are very helpful when it comes to skin issues, in a way that they can reduce acne and blackheads and the skin is given a clean and radiant complexion. The properties that potatoes have, make them effective in treating skin issues, especially because they have vitamin C which nourishes the skin and also prevents aging.

It is very easy and simple, you just need to grind some potatoes and apply them on your face. It is a kind of natural face mask that will help you cleanse and tighten your skin. You can also use potatoes for treating cellulite. All you need to do is to rub the cellulite area with a piece of potato and after few treatments your problem will be solved.

How to make your own potato juice?

This is a very easy procedure. You can read the instructions below:
1. Wash the potatoes and remove the seeds and the green parts from the crust;
2. Cut the potato into pieces;
3. Wrap one piece into cloth fabric and squeeze the juice;
4. Instead of cloth fabric, use a juicer, which is a much better and easier alternative.

The most important thing about this juice is that it needs to be consumed fresh. You can mix it with other fruits or vegetables, whatever you prefer. Also, feel free to add some honey.
According to the book “The road to a healthy lifestyle: Cancer is nothing to fear”, written by the Buddhist monk Tomizawa, drinking 2 cups of this potato juice can be very efficient in curing cancer and other serious diseases.

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