Just add few drops of this in your face cream and you’ll be surprised to see instant glow on your skin

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Today I will share a very simple treatment that will hardly take few seconds and you will look much younger and your skin will glow like never before

For this you will need

Sweet orange essential oil and rose otto essential oil, you can easily buy them online (Make sure that your essential oil is 100% vegan)

If you are getting ageing signs on your skin (If you do not have any ageing signs but you are 30+, you must use this oil)

Just take your face cream on your palm (quantity should be enough for your face), in this add 2-3 drops of this rose otto oil. Mix it and use it as you use your regular face moisturizer

You can also prepare your own facial mist with this oil. Ina spray bottle take 1 cup of distilled water. In this add 15-20 drops of rose otto essential oil. Mix it and your face mist is ready. This is very good for acne prone skin too

You can add 4-5 drops of this oil in your hair conditioner. you hair will become more manageable and shinier

Now let me tell you about orange essential oil, it is best for you if you have uneven skin tone. You should use orange essential oil instead of rose essential oil in your face moisturiser. I have eternally used this for may dark lip corners and it is super effective

You can also prepare face mist with orange essential oil as we did with rose one

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