10 Unbelievable Listerine Uses: Neutralizes Body Odor, Treats Acne, Fights Toenail Fungus, Eliminates Dandruff, and More!

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Listerine was developed in 1879 and was primarily used as a surgical antiseptic agent. In addition, it has been also used as a powerful mouthwash to fight bad breath by destroying the harmful mouth bacteria.

Nowadays, Listerine is a top selling mouthwash brand in the U.S. and many other countries worldwide. It was also approved by the American Dental Association.

But, do you know that Listerine contains a few beneficial ingredients, such as thyme, eucalyptus, menthol, and alcohol? It is the main reason why this product has been used in many different ways.

Here Are Some of the Unbelievable Listerine Uses:

– Acts as a Deodorant

Soaking a cotton ball in Listerine and rubbing it under your arms can act as an excellent deodorant. Namely, Listerine has an ability to destroy harmful bacteria that cause armpit odor, thus neutralizing it. So, the only thing you should do is soak a cotton ball in the antibacterial liquid and then use it to gently tap the underarm area in order to get rid of the unpleasant odor.

– Serves as a Toilet Cleane

You can also use Listerine to clean and deodorize your toilet bowl. All you need to do is pour a small amount of it in the toilet bowl and then scrub it with a toilet brush as usual. Your toilet bowl will be cleaned, deodorized and much shinier.

– Provides Itchy Bug Bite Relief

You can alleviate itching caused by bug bites if you apply some Listerine on the affected skin. That’s not all, it can be also used to soothe itching triggered by poison ivy or poison oak.

– Fights Toenail Fungus

You can also use Listerine to eliminate your toenail fungus. Additionally, you should create foot bath with some water and a bit of Listerine and then soak your feet in it for about half an hour. Also, for best results, you should add some white vinegar in the solution.

– Eliminates Acne

Believe it or not, Listerine can also help in the treatment of acne. Many people claim that it is more effective than some topical prescriptions and antibiotics commonly used in acne treatment. For this purpose, you should apply a bit of it on the affected skin area twice a day, in the morning and before bedtime.

– Removes Dandruff

Listerine is an amazing alternative to get rid of dandruff. You should apply some Listerine on your hair and then massage it gently. Next, wrap it in a towel and leave it to act for a while. At least, just wash it off.

– Cleans Your Toothbrush

As mentioned previously, Listerine can fight the harmful bacteria present in the mouth. But, soaking your toothbrush in a bit of Listerine overnight can cleanse your toothbrush and eliminate any nasty germs.

– Serves as an Effective Flea Repellent

Listerine can also act as a powerful flea repellent. The only thing you should do is mix it with some water and then gently apply a bit of it on the skin of your pet. Or, you can also add some Listerine in your pet’s shampoo. It is as effective as most commercial flea repellents. However, it is a cheaper and more natural variety.

– Neutralizes Garbage Odor

The awful garbage odor can lead to unpleasant odor in the entire kitchen. But, before throwing the garbage in the bag, simply put a paper towel, previously soaked in some Listerine, at the bottom of the bag.

– Cleans Your TV or Computer Screen

First of all, spray a bit of Listerine onto your TV or computer screen. Then, wipe away all the unwanted gunk and fingerprints on the screen with a soft cloth. You will be amazed by the results.

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